Getting More Referrals … One Lawyer at a Time

BAR Digital Media, Inc. is a marketing company for lawyers & law firms. Our job is to help attorneys get more referrals. We do that with newsletters and online video at extremely affordable prices.

Email Newsletters & Getting Referrals

For lawyers, referrals are the backbone of business development.[1] They are the goose that keeps laying golden eggs. According to the 2017 Legal Trends report, 62% of legal consumers report hiring their lawyer via a referral.[2] So, that is why we don’t re-invent the wheel, we focus on getting you more referrals.

So how do you get more referrals? Newsletters, when done properly, are one tried-and-true method. Newsletters have been done by thousands of lawyers, year-after-year, with repeatable success. Click here to learn more about our newsletter service.

Relationships Are Key

As you already know, referrals come from your relationships. So, if your goal is to get more referrals you need get out there and shake more hands, schmooze more prospects, and re-connect with your friends. You have to deliberately cultivate and maintain a circle of influential people around you who are in a position to refer work your way. But doing this takes time.

That is exactly why a newsletter can be so powerful. Our newsletter service helps you solidify and grow your professional relationships without taking hardly any of your time.

In fact, after your account is set up, each newsletter takes you three minutes or less per month. That’s it. It requires no creativity or planning on your part. We do all the heavy lifting. Click here to learn more about our newsletter service.

Affordable Video Sets for Law Firms

Everyone wants great videos on their law firm website. But it costs a lot of money to get great custom videos done for your firm. We decided to make sets of videos that can be used by multiple law firms at one time. That lowers the cost per firm, yet allows firms to get amazing videos like the one below on their site. Click here to learn more about our personal injury video set.

Custom Video for Law Firms

For lawyers and law firms that want truly custom video on their website, we also provide custom video services. This includes client testimonials (example below), branded videos, attorney specific videos, practice area videos and almost anything else. The limit is our collective imagination. Click here to see some more of this kind of work.


[1] Above the Law – Referrals Remain the Leading Way Lawyers Get Clients

[2] Clio – 2017 Legal Trends Report