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* We highly recommend that you select "Plain." First, you want the email to look like something you would send to a close friend. You don't want images or fancy designs. The less corporate your newsletter looks, the better it will perform. Second, stylized templates are more likely to get stuck in spam filters and email programs often automatically hide the images.

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* We highly recommend that you select "Relaxed Professional" as newsletters are most effective when they are viewed as a simple email from a friend. Newsletters become less effective the more formal they get. Don't worry, our "Relaxed" newsletters are very effective. Also, none of this is set in stone, we will learn more about your preferences as we go. Remember, you always get the final say before we send anything on your behalf.


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* We highly recommend that you select "Short." People will be far more likely to read them the shorter they are. Remember, the point is to remind your circle of influence that you are open for business. It's not time to be long-winded.

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* Not Safe for Work (NSFW) means articles, videos, and legal stories that some might consider inappropriate for the workplace. However, some of the legal content that we write or link to may contain serious accidents, profanity, or troubling stories. Our NSFW content will never include pornography or repugnant content. Remember, you will always have the ability to veto anything we draft before it is sent to your audience.

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