Film Your Invitation Video

We Highly Recommend That You Film a Short Invitation Video

Now its time to decide if you want to film your invitation. We highly recommend it! Watch the video above for instructions. If you just need a quick run down, here are the highlights:

  • Use your cell phone (the cameras on most smart phones are excellent)
  • Build a makeshift tripod, turn your phone horizontal (vertical videos are not preferable), and prop it up so the camera is still
  • If you can’t build a tripod, you can film yourself selfie-style so long as you keep the camera as still as possible
  • Center yourself in the frame (you want to be in the middle of the horizontal screen, not off to the left or right)
  • Use the script below (or write your own). Please inject your personality into the invitation! After all, the more natural you seem the more likely people will join! Feel free to copy my employment law newsletter invitation video (also below).
  • Do multiple takes until you’re happy with it
  • Send it to us!

After you send the video to us, we will edit it, upload it, add music and graphics, and add a thumbnail. It will look very professional.

Sample Script

Hi Friends! Thanks for checking out my newsletter. As you know I’m a _________ lawyer. People ask me questions about my area of law all the time. I’ve learned that there are some basic things that everyone should know. I want to share them.

More importantly, I want to stay in contact with everyone better than I have in the past.  So, that is why I’ve started this newsletter.

I promise to only send you short and interesting emails. They will definitely be worth sixty seconds of your time. I won’t be sending you any spam or promotions and you can unsubscribe at any time.

So, subscribe to my newsletter below. If you have any questions about the information I send out, feel free to contact me.

Take care!

Ways To Send Us Your Video

We can accept the video via email (if the file is small enough), Dropbox or Google Drive.  If you have a favored method of transferring large files, send it to us here.

Sample Newsletter Invitation Video