Postcasts for Lawyers? Branigan was Interviewed on How to Start a Law Firm by Vindya Vee

Podcasts are my new favorite forum. The cool thing about podcasts is that its not a sound-bite, its an hour of conversation where someone gets to brain dump all their knowledge on the interviewer. A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being interviewed by Vindya Vee, a stellar business coach in Australia.

Here is the podcast on iTunes. I discuss the evolution of starting the firm, growing the firm, and molding the firm around my lifestyle. For anyone who owns or aspires to own a firm, this will spark loads of ideas.

Vindya Vee on Branigan Robertson | Starting a Law Firm


I highly recommend that you listen, rate, and share with your lawyer friends. If you’d rather listen on YouTube, click here.

What About Podcasts for Lawyers

Now that I’ve started to listen to folks like Vindya Vee, Joe Rogan, and Gary Vaynerchuk, I’ve developed a strong feeling that podcasts are part of the future of legal marketing. What do you think? Do you listen to any good legal podcasts? Any recommendations?

I’m going to continue researching podcasts to see how lawyers can leverage this new and growing platform.

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